The Journey Begins: A Prelude

Kate and Mary are sisters as different as the sun and the moon. They are true daughters of Erin believing it is the one place on earth that has been kissed with melody, mirth, and mist. Yet before the winds of The Great Starvation blow across Ireland, each sister sets upon a journey that has lasting repercussions not only for them but for those that will come after.

Kate is talented, outspoken and progressive, willing to take risks no matter what the cost. Her daughter Maeve inherits her strong will and talent with a needle and thread. Mary never seeks the spotlight and when life’s heartaches become too harsh, gives up the battle. It is her daughter, Anna who surrenders her childhood to take on the responsibilities her mother can no longer manage.

Seamlessly blending fact and fiction, The Journey tells the story of the heartbreaking and uplifting saga of women who share the same heritage but see the world through a different lens. We experience their hopes, witness their strength of spirit and see the threads of love that will be woven into the character of generations to follow.

Reviewers have called Maureen’s first book, Becoming Herself an inspiring historical novel. The Journey continues this tradition and sets the stage for stories yet to come

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